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Vocations Guide to Priesthood

The “Duc in Altum” Mass is a very special occasion in the Archdiocese of Boston. The Cardinal uses this opportunity to unite his entire Archdiocese in praying for vocations. It brings together parish vocation teams, parents and families of priests and seminarians together with religious, youth, representatives of the various ethnic communities and all the faithful of the Archdiocese to celebrate Mass with their Archbishop in the Cathedral.

Pope John Paul II, in an encyclical address to the faithful, encouraged everyone to “Put out into the Deep” in proposing the Gospel to the whole world. By all coming together at the “Duc in Altum “Mass, the Cardinal wishes to thank the faithful for their efforts in promoting a Culture of Vocations, recognize those who have dedicated their lives to the spread of the Gospel as Priests and Religious, inspire all to redouble their efforts, and educate each other on ways to promote vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life even more effectively.

Meanwhile at the other side of the globe, the Diocese of Hamilton (New Zealand) arranged for over five hundred cards to be printed recording the name of one of their priests or seminarians. These were distributed at the Chrism Mass for the year 2007 with the request that the recipients pray daily for the person named on the card they received.

Mass for Parents and Friends of Priests and Religious

On the Sunday of the second weekend of National Vocations Awareness Week, Archbishop Hart of Melbourne offered mass for the Parents and Friends of Priests and Religious.

This was an opportunity to recognise the people who taught our priests and religious how to love, and nurtured within them the seeds of their vocation to serve God and His Church.

Held at St Patrick's Cathedral at 11 am on Sunday 12th August, the mass was sponsored by the Serra Clubs of Melbourne. It is one of many annual events organised by the Serrans whose role in the Church is to pray for vocations and support priests.

Duc in Altum (Put out into the Deep) Mass



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