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Pastors Night

• Pastors of seminarians are all encouraged to visit these special parishioners in the seminary on a prearranged evening once a year. These men who have labored as priests for ten, twenty, forty or more years normally arrive for concelebrated mass in the evening, followed by a meal and stories of what seminaries were like back in the "good old days."

• The “Pastors Night” is welcomed because being away from home and one's parish can sometimes be disheartening. When a seminarian receives a card or a call, it can make his day; but if his pastor comes to visit and to ask how things are going, it can make his week! Following dinner, everyone is free to spend time alone with their pastor.

• Such a tradition encourages the pastors to support their seminarians in their preparations for priestly life and to share their own priesthood with those men who will one day take their place alongside them in the Lord’s vineyard. It may also give the pastor marvelous material for the following Sunday’s homily.

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