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Pope Benedict appeals to Irish Bishops

I ask you to be attentive to the spiritual and moral lives of each one of your priests. Set them an example by your own lives, be close to them, listen to their concerns, offer them encouragement at this difficult time and stir up the flame of their love for Christ and their commitment to the service of their brothers and sisters.

Children from Hong Kong's parishes visit Seminary

The 400 children in "Sunday Schools" at the 13 parishes of the Diocese of Hong Kong visited Holy Spirit Seminary on Sunday, July 4, 2010 to get to know the lives of those preparing for the priesthood, responding to their vocation. According to reports from the Kong Ko Bao (the Chinese version of the diocesan bulletin), the day was divided into five stages: exploring the life of the priest, exploring the life of seminarians, exploring vocations, exploring evangelization, and reaping fruits.

During the meeting, the seminarians told the children about their life, studies, living environment, and prayer. Finally, the children also had the joy of being received by the diocesan bishop, Bishop John Tong, at lunchtime. Fr. Benedict Lam Cho Ming, Rector of the Seminary, confirmed that "the initiative to present the life of the seminary with joy helps to sow the seed of a vocation among the children. This year, to coincide with the Diocesan Year of Priestly Vocations, we organized two “open days” at the seminary, which were attended by over 1,200 children, with great success. In January, we welcomed over 800 children from 20 parishes. According to the students, "bringing the children to visit the seminary also helps us to better live out our vocation." The children were even more excited about it: one of them said "I thought life in the seminary was hard and boring and here I saw happiness and serenity and that makes me happy. I think I'd like to try it"

Vocations Guide to Priesthood

Like all human beings each one of us is subject to wear and tear and we may end up in need of rejuvenation. “Save the individual – save the vocation” is the philosophy of GUEST HOUSE an American foundation set up in Michigan in I956 with the approval of Pope Pius XII to enable “addicted “ Catholic priests and religious to be restored to vibrant and productive lives. So far more than 6,000 priests and religious have been cared for! They have come from more than I65 dioceses, I20 religious communities and 48 countries worldwide. The vast majority have returned to their ministries renewed in health, purpose and spirituality

Save the individual, save the Vocation! Identify and rehabilitate vulnerable priests.


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