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Vocations Travelling Display

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, some bishops have found it beneficial to introduce the “Vocations Travelling Display” in their diocese as a medium for fostering vocations to the priesthood and religious life. The contents of this visual display may be tailored to accommodate the particular needs of each individual diocese, for example, the Local Ordinary may prefer to focus solely on the diocesan priesthood by displaying photographs of those important moments throughout the year in the life of the “local” seminary, such as Candidacy Ceremonies, Cassock Day, New Lectors and Acolytes, Transitional Diaconate together with photographs of the newly ordained priests and their families. The exhibition might also display photographs showing the seminarians at recreation and study. Finally, this presentation would be very helpful to any potential candidates if it were to contain a photograph of the Diocesan Director of Vocations whilst highlighting his name, email and postal address, together with his telephone number.

Another bishop may wish to highlight the wide range of religious life in the local community as was illustrated by one Ordinary who invited the various religious institutions domiciled in his diocese to participate in a purpose built Vocations Travelling Display. The orders and congregations submitted various posters, some of which were homemade others were professionally designed, together with sundry pamphlets and magazines reflecting the wide variety of religious life in the diocese. In addition this exhibition also contained some general vocations posters designed by the Diocesan Vocations Committee. This display was designed in such a way that it was easy to assemble and dismantle so that its ‘pilgrimage’ to various parishes and schools throughout the diocese would not be too onerous.

The Display is managed by the Diocesan Vocations team with the help of volunteers from the parishes. It can be easily assembled and arranged on portable display boards and transported to and from the parishes by hatchback. Obviously the pastor decides how long the Vocations Travelling Display will remain in his parish and he also determines where it is to be sited.

What could be a greater subject for a travelling display than the ordination of a priest?

Numerous photos could be displayed of; *The Gathering, *Calling of the Candidate(s), *Presentation and Inquiry, *Acceptance, *Examination of the Candidate, *Promise of Obedience, *Prayer for the Candidate(s), *Chanting of the Litany, *Laying on of Hands, *Vesting the New Priest, *Anointing of the Hands, *Presentation of the Gifts, *Liturgy of the Eucharist, *Holy Communion,

*First Priestly Blessings followed by Family Celebrations and *subsequent First Mass of Thanksgiving.

Vocations Guide to Priesthood


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